Jyun Magnetism Group Limited is a professional manufacturer specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of permanent magnets.

We offer high-grade processing, customization, and excellent customer services, attracting clients from over 60 countries.
Our magnets are widely used in speakers, motors, meters and medical industries.
With 50 tons monthly output, your orders usually is ready in just 8 to 20 days,
and your queries will be replied within 8 hours.

Contact us now at sales@jc-magnet.com Tel: 86-755-84522529 Fax: 86-755-89676029

High quality, stable performance, and high-grade processing:

  • We invest in the high quality magnet production line with the vacuum sintering stove, which helps to improve the uniformity of magnetic properties and corrosion resistance of sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets.
  • Our production line also contains centerless grinding machines, ultrasonic punches and linear cutting machines, all of which make us capable of machining very special shapes of magnets, providing high precision parts applied in aircrafts and automobile industries.
  • Our magnets have passed the SGS test, and comply with the RoHS Directives.
  • Jyun Magnetism draws great attention to the environmental protection.
    All of our magnets have passed the SGS and ROHS tests:
SGS Test Report 1 SGS Test Report 2 SGS Test Report 3

With the advantages of senior and experienced magnetic assembly engineers and comprehensive machining equipments, we can produce high quality magnetic filters, magnetic clamps, magnetic chucks, magnetic attractors and other magnetic products catering to our customers with different requirements.

Now we are cooperating with the world large-sized wind turbine factories, and our high quality tile NdfeB magnets and block NdfeB magnets for wind generators gained a high reputation from our worldwide customers.